Thursday, December 17, 2009

Key Metrics

When I started work as a Web Analyst I must say it took me some time to actually understand the real relevance of the key metrics that are associated with a web site. In this post I will try to lay out my thoughts regarding what key metrics are and what some of them signify. Here goes:

Key Metrics: Key Metrics has a somewhat similar relevance for a web page as a key performance indicator (KPI) has for a website or a business in general. So the Key Metrics for a page would probably tell you how the page has been performing in terms of :

  1. How many people actually viewed the page (Unique Visitors, Visitors)
  2. How many times was the page viewed (Page Views)
  3. Was the content /service or what ever the page was supposed to be for really relevant to the user (Exit rate/bounce rate : generally defined as an exit from the page in question)
  4. How much interest has the page created for the users to navigate for more into your website (page views/session)
  5. How many times did the visitors come back to a page (sessions/visitor or sessions/unique visitor)

    The ones listed above are some of the basic insights that you can get from the key metrics for your pages.

    You can do a lot more deep diving into your key metrics numbers to understand more about your website. Look out for more interesting posts here.

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