Friday, December 25, 2009

SEO for blogs

There is no alternative to hands on experience for almost any skill and this goes all the more when it comes to SEO for blogs. I found this out while trying to figure out why my blog posts were not finding their way to the google search result. With the strict filtering applied by the search engine algorithms it becomes very hard to optimize your blogs to figure in the search results. Well there might be several reasons for this, but I am sure you will find the following reasons and their solutions to your help in case you are fighting the same problem as I am:
1. Avoiding duplicate content on your blog: On many occasions this happens due to the auto archive functionality available in A simple solution to this problem is to turn off the auto archive feature until you have posted quite a few blogs. An elaborate way to handle this problem is mentioned here:
2. Blog Title vs. Post tile: Your blog’s title structure affects its SEO. So you need to change the default title structure provided in This is so because every time you post a new blog post with the default title structure (in all the page title will read the same. You can find an effective solution to this problem here: Swapping Blogger blog title and post title -Blogger SEO tweak .
I hope these pointers will help solve your problems.

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