Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The why, how, and what of Online Marketing

The World Wide Web has become almost synonymous with online marketing, with most services that we can think of, being available online. Starting from booking tickets for railways, shopping for products to even raising requests for information under RTI act, everything and anything that we do in life can be done online. So how do we relate marketing to the concept of online shopping?  Well, the answer to this question is not very simple. So let’s dive a little deeper into it.

Marketing is essential for promoting any activity, service or product. Without marketing it would be very difficult to let the consumers know about any product or service. Traditionally marketing has been done using Television advertisements, Banner advertisements, and through other time tested methods.  How exactly does this work? Well the idea is very simple. The company that intends to market its product generally hires an advertising agency in most cases to create a campaign around the new product or the brand itself and then displays these ads through various channels.
What is this supposed to do?
Well for starters, it creates brand awareness in the minds of the consumers that a particular brand exists. Now there can be 2 different situations.
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